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High quality of our products has allowed the company to exist and establish the strong position on the Western Europe market
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“Inter-Glass” company was established in 1999. We offer flat glass and mirror processing for furniture manufacturers.

Our customers are furniture factories in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Croatia. High quality of our products enabled us to mark our presence and strengthen our position in Western European markets. A half of our production is exported to furniture manufacturers in Germany.

Our company is one of the leaders in the glazing industry in south-eastern Poland. This stems from our highly qualified specialists and top quality of products. We work with machinery provided by renowned brands such as Bavelloni and Bottero.

We can adjust our products to the needs and expectations of our customers. Feel free to browse our detailed offer and contact us.

Barbara and Włodzimierz Balog

Our company is one of the leaders of the glass industry in South-East Poland
Silver mirror 3 mm and 4 mm
Float glass 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm
Mass coloured glass
Painted glass (lacobel)
Ornamented glass
Decormat glass
Stained glass
Screen printing
We can suit our products to our customers’ needs and expectations
We have a CNC controlled Bottero glass cutting table. This enables us to cater for the customer’s needs both in terms of thickness (3–19 mm) and shape. We can cut panes of the maximum size of 3210 x 2550 mm.
We have a Bavelloni vertical beveller. We offer straight-line bevelling. We can make bevels of 2–30 mm.
We have a Szkło-Tech glass grinding line. We can grind 3–19 mm thick glass and mirrors of any shape. If necessary, we can offer you C-edges or trapezoid edges.
At the customer’s request, we can polish the edges using any standard forms you may require.
Drilling holes
We can drill holes of 5–50 mm in diameter in 3–19 mm thick glass.
Applying safety film
We have a machine to apply safety film on mirrors.
Packaging glass and mirror forms in Styrofoam profiles.
At the customer’s request, we pack glass and mirror forms in aesthetic Styrofoam profiles and additionally protect them with shrink wrap.
We manufacture our goods using machines from prestigious companies such as Bavelloni and Bottero
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